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“I Need To Sell My DFW House Fast!”

You Came To The Right Place. We Buy Houses Dallas Tx.

We Buy Houses Fast DFW is a family-owned company dedicated to helping people sell their house with less stress. We believe this is a people business. If you are looking to deal with real people that you can connect with and relate to, then give us a call and let’s talk about it.  We buy houses in any condition, at any price. Look around our site to see how our process works and give us a call or fill out the info form for a fast quote.


Thank you for visiting. We created this company, my parents and I, to offer solutions to homeowners and landlords that are feeling the weight of a burdensome property. We want to be a source of relief, respect, and compassion in a time that might be very trying for you. You can sell to us and avoid the lengthy and difficult process of selling your house with a realtor. No matter what your situation is, we are here to listen. We buy houses in any condition around Dallas and DFW, so please feel free to reach out to us today.

“Okay Trevor, but what if…”

Unattractive House?

What if the house is ugly, has foundation problems, the laundry room is falling off the side, etc.?

We buy houses in any condition and any price point. Only a small fraction of home buyers will want to buy a house that is not move-in ready, and even fewer will buy a house that needs repairs. Or the buyer may not be able to get financing for a house that is in disrepair. We will make you a fair offer and take care of all of the costs and repairs.


What if I don’t want to open my house up for viewing to a ton of people?

Then it sounds like you would prefer to sell directly to us than to use a realtor. Myself(Trevor) and my contractor will come meet you and do a walk-through to estimate repairs. If we decide to move forward, a professional house inspector will inspect the house so we don’t miss anything. And that’s it. You have our utmost respect for your privacy.

Upside Down or Little Equity?

What if I have little or no equity? What if I owe more than my house is worth?

We can find a solution that benefits everyone. A lot of investors may turn you away for this reason because the equity is what allows them to make a profit. But what kind of company are they if they’re not in business to offer a service to people? We’re not in business to offer a service only to ourselves. We will talk to your bank and find a way to help you.


What if I’m being foreclosed on? What if I haven’t paid my property taxes in ten years? What if I haven’t paid my mortgage for five years?

Please don’t allow yourself to be foreclosed on. It will follow you for years and ruin your credit for a long time. You could have a hard time getting a job, getting credit cards, a car loan, or even rent an apartment. Filing for bankruptcy will not stop foreclosure–it will only delay it. If you’re in a tough spot, we’re here to offer a solution that benefits everyone involved. The solution may not be music to your ears, but I promise that I will offer you as much for your house as I can and help you avoid foreclosure.

In a Pinch? 

What if I have nowhere new to move in to and what if I have no money to help me move my stuff?

We are a solutions company here to actually helpLet’s talk about your situation and figure out what you need. We will do everything we can to help you move forward.


What if I want to know that I’m getting a fair deal? 

It’s important that you feel at ease. I want to offer less stress–not more. Here is the best part though, and how I believe I differ from other companies: I plan to tell you the exact numbers of our transaction. I will tell you about my profit, my closing costs, rehab costs, and what you’ll get, and I will explain why my offer is what it is.  There is no reason to be less than transparent. I believe in this strongly. And I will show you that I am offering as much for your house as I can offer–not as little as I can offer. By offering as much as I can while making a profit that keeps my business going, I will have nothing but positive testimonials and a stellar reputation. By offering genuine help to you, I’m helping myself too.

There is no obligation. Our offer will be quick and fair and it might be just what you need. Fill out the form below for an even faster quote. The more info we have to start with, the more of a head-start we will have when we call you or email you back.

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